Brainstorm Teambuilding day

On wednesday 24th of June, we organised a brainstorm teambuilding day with the whole group. A day to discover what things go well and what things can be better.

We rented a nice conference room somewhere in Leiden and discussed our work in several ways. We made use of a test to determine the group roles of everyone and did lots of SWOT analyses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities en Threats).

We started with looking at individual level, so who has what role in the group. Do we have enough people on every position that a group needs. Or can we maybe make sure that in the near future certain people will learn to use his talents in new roles to fill the gaps that there maybe are.

After a coffee break with a nice vegan piece of brownie, we had a look at group level. How do we function as a group. Where can be better organise things? How can we help each other to work better as a group?

Then the lunch came, with some nice wraps and quiches and a tomato/paprika soup.

After the lunch we tried to ignore our after lunch dip by talking about how we function looking at science level. So how can we make sure that we are valuable for the field, how can we make use of other groups or institutions. Where do we want to focus on and do we have to change our focus maybe?

We ended the day with a drink at the roof terrace of the building, with some nice vegan snacks. Of course trying to keep the 1,5 meters of distance!

I think it was a helpfull day in which everyone could put in his ideas about how we are functioning as a group and where we want to focus on.

The first action point that we will do something with, is that we have to split our group in little groups for our weekly work discussions. We grow too big as a group to keep it all combined. So that’s a good thing actually! Bigger group means more science! Today the plan was announced how we will split up but still be 1 group. After the summer breaks we will start with the new structure. It’s nice that we already really do something with the learning points of this day.

Lets see where this all will bring us. We will be keeping you up to date about what we do in our group on this website off course, so keep an eye out for new messages soon!

Are you wondering who the people are on this picture below? Have a look at our Group member page!

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Brainstorm Teambuilding day
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