Linda van der Graaf

Linda van der Graaf is a research technician in the NeuroD group since May 2013. She did her bachelor studies in Higher Laboratory Education – Medical Biology at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and graduated in June 2006.

After her studies she worked in several labs in the field of imaging techniques, like MRI and SPECT, in different diseases like heart diseases, tumor therapy with radiolabeled peptides and Alzheimer disease.

Since 2013 she worked in the lab of Radiology and the NeuroD lab together, but since 2017 Linda works fulltime in the NeuroD group. She is mainly focusing on culturing induced Pluripotent Stemcells for several neurogenerative diseases and supervision of the neuro iPSc lab in the department.

Besides this Linda has lots of experience with all kinds of histological techniques, molecular techniques and imaging techniques.

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