Dutch Center for RNA Therapeutics

On Rare Disease day, 28th of February, last year, Willeke van Roon-Mom, along with others in the LUMC, Radboudumc and Erasmus MC started the Dutch Center for RNA Therapeutics (DCRT). After exactly 1 year, the website www.rnatherapy.nl was launched on which information can be found about DCRT and updates will be posted on things going on around DCRT.

In short, DCRT aims to develop therapies for treatment of patients with rare diseases. They focus on eye- and brain diseases, which can possibly be helped with RNA therapy, but which are so rare that there is no market for pharmaceutical companies.

If you would like to keep to read more about DCRT, go and visit their website at www.rnatherapy.nl or follow the Linkedinpage via www.linkedin.com/groups/13908470/

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Dutch Center for RNA Therapeutics
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