CureQ consortium kick-off meeting

On Monday 3 October, the kick-off of our CureQ consortium was held: an introduction of all those involved who will work together over the next 5 years on predicting, delaying and curing the hereditary polyglutamine brain diseases Huntington, SCA1 and SCA3 (

Researchers and neurologists from various Dutch universities, various HBO courses, ethicists, biotechnology companies, patient associations and the Proefdiervrij foundation will collaborate in this study, with the aim of enabling a person-oriented approach and treatment for Huntington’s and SCAs.

From the LUMC Susanne de Bot (NEUR), Monique Mulder (CCB) and Willeke van Roon-Mom (HG) are involved in this project.

CureQ kickoff 2022

CureQ consortium kick-off meeting
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